Sticker - Delivery Van

by Thirty Seconds Out

$ 1.99

This is my old Dodge van that I used to drive customer's packages from my garage to the post office. I sold it to my buddy Alden, who is a Big Mountain ski coach, and I used the $500 from that sale to buy more shirts and stickers to sell. Then, I tried to buy it back from him about a year ago, because I missed this van, but he sold it to another dude for like $800, and that dude moved to Oregon with it, so if you see this puppy on the streets, pull them over, give him $800 and I'll but it back from you for $900, deal?

A lot of you have had packages delivered to our little post office in this van, and were proud of that. Sometimes our best days are happening right in front of us while our minds are reaching to some future happiness after we get the next good vehicle, or the next pay bump. Driving this van will never not be a good memory. Anyway, it's just a little sticker that's a part of 30 Seconds Out and where we started. Thanks for hanging with us!

  • This Was My Actual Delivery Van 2014-2015
  • Single Rear Wheel Drive (It sucks In The Snow)
  • Weather Tough
  • Van Life
  • 3" x 2"