Print - Infidel Youth

by Thirty Seconds Out

$ 29.99
The fourth print in the combat concert series. For those that are wondering what the fuck this is, I'll explain, without churching it up...
We were/are soldiers, not politicians. We simply want to do what it takes to win. Win what? win our ground, our lives and the respect of those on our flanks. We get ridiculed and ridicule each other. As it should be, to get continually better. Shield to shield. Once you taste that, nothing really comes close. We were made for it, so we can hardly beat our chests and take credit. It comes natural, like it's always been there. A motor drive turning inside on a low idle, waiting for a purpose. Music has an important part in all this, whether the artists like it or know it, we don't give a fuck. We listen and get what we want from the song, burn the rest of the political bullshit, because our lives are on the line so the politics goes right out the fucking window. The X's on the hands are put there, when you're not old enough to drink, but old enough for the mosh pit, old enough to go to war, and we did.
  • For Anyone That Supports Our Fighters, It's Just Art
  • You Don't Have To Be A Vet To Buy One
  • Great For Hanging 
  • 18" x 24"
  • Heavy Paper Stock