Print - No One Is Coming Limited Edition Fine Arts Print (Signed)

by Thirty Seconds Out

$ 49.99


Once the 50 prints are sold out, they will never be re-printed. They are printed on slick semi-gloss paper and are 18 x 18". In collaboration with Juuri, aka. Julie Robertson. The story behind the piece e is incredible.

"There are so many situations in which you can't wait around for someone else to do what's right... YOU have to do it. This could mean an active shooter situation, a bullying situation, or just life in general.

I also thought about the story of a local police officer whom I got to meet one time. During one of her patrols, she was attacked by a teenager with an AR-15. As soon as he saw her patrol car, he started shooting at her. He discharged 26 rounds; six of which hit her. The dots in the piece represent the shot pattern of where the bullets actually hit her. Amazingly, she ended up making a full recovery and returned to police work. Her courage blows my mind to pieces!

Anyway, I hope my explanations make you love the prints more. They look excellent framed and make perfect gifts... snag one (or two, or three) before they are gone forever!"

Be brave, have respect