Tshirt - Sailor

by Thirty Seconds Out

$ 28.99

"Red wine and uppers... that's why we call him Sailor. He used to take a lot of red wine and uppers, and just sail away." 

Johnson, Uncommon Valor

Randall "Tex" Cobb. Fighter, actor...dancer. His role as Sailor in the film Uncommon Valor is a classic amongst all us war movie nerds. This is a small quantity run, so get on it if you want one.


  • Made in the USA
  • CottonPoly (50% Cotton / 50% Polyester) construction
  • Unisex size 
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Worn in feel
  • Superior drape




1. I get energy from the air.

2. I talk to polar bears.

3. I converse with paramecium.

4. You don't ever quit boy, not when it's for real!

5. Boy, you usin' that oriental martial bullshit on me's gonna get real expensive.

6. I had to use that (grenade) for an emergency enema!

7. Boy, you just bought the whole can of whup-ass.

8. You guys are gonna' be using real grenades and stuff, man. You know, they took mine when I got in here.  

9. I fuck nuclear waste.

10. I got enough brain cells to remember that... You gotta' give me a shot, man. You gotta'.