Pants - Tunnel Rat Blue Jeans

by Thirty Seconds Out

$ 89.99

American Made Blue Jeans For Muscle Butts, Meat Eaters And Doers Of Deadlifts and Squats. (They're just roomy and stretchy enough for you meaty folk)

From: Thirty Seconds Out

Tunnel Rat: The term originated during the Vietnam War to put a name to the brave soldiers that conducted underground search-and-destroy missions, often armed with only a pistol, knife and a shitty flashlight. These guys are legends.

Simplicity, comfort and kick ass style are the pillars. Slick design features and soft tiger stripe material make these a one of a kind piece of apparel that no one else will have. Every single piece of these are American Made. Mark, owner of Oxcart, and I went to great lengths to make it happen. American manufacturing at the small business level is not only possible, it works if we make it work.

We know you'll enjoy these jeans as much in the outdoors as you will lounging around the house thinking about your next undertaking. They're really comfortable, you'll see. Order below.


  • American Made
  • Roomy Fit For Meat Eating Weightlifters
  • Some Stretch
  • Straight Cut
  • 4 Pockets
  • We Removed The Useless "Coin Pocket" (It just snags)
  • Original Thirty Seconds Out Apparel