Tunnel Rat Blue Jeans

An Apparel Project By 30SECOUT and Oxcart

You guys have liked what I've made over the past year, so I'm gonna keep making shit, because it's working. Specifically, art and apparel. I usually throw the words "we" and "us" around in the emails and on social media, but the truth of the matter is...30SECOUT is just me, for the most part. I work out of my garage and a bedroom in my house. I recently moved the bulk of my inventory into a warehouse to free up some room for a better art studio than my dusty fucking garage and to focus on expanding the apparel line. 

No fucking shortcuts. We're making blue jeans. Right now. In the USA. By we, I mean in coordination with a locked on guy named Mark. He's the owner of OXCART out in Los Angeles. He knows jeans and we're making the best pair we possibly can for you guys. Simple, very comfortable and not tactical. You're going to be stoked!

Big old roll of "special blend" denim! This is the secret sauce we are using. It's a special type of denim, blended for movement and comfort.

 Below pic is our raw pattern swatches. Making apparel in the USA has been a dream of mine and it's coming true. We're really stoked.

I'll keep you guys up to date here on our Stoke blog as we approach the product release day. 

Thanks for checking out our work!


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