The Packaging Game


So more and more people started buying my stuff, so I decided it was time to make the packaging a little better than plain old cardboard looks. I made a few stencils and began spray painting the mailers and boxes in my garage. This works well when you are only shipping a handful of packages a day. When the pace picked up, I couldn't keep up with the package decorating, so you may have seen some inconsistencies in it if you are a regular customer. Here's the new shit...(prototype)

Making these in lots of 3000 units, which should last a few months. Cost wise, its actually going to be cheaper than painting them on my own, dollar wise. The time saved by not having to spray paint packages every week is a huge load off! Hope you like the new professional look. Have a nice week. 

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  • Awesome!! Guess it’s time to shop again, it’s been a while ago. I’m a customer from the cardboard- decade. I really like your products, and this packaging is also a must have!

    Naomi G. on
  • DIABEETUS. Cuz I ate my family.

    Pete Thurber on
  • @tater262 Haha! Diabetes still cracks me up!

    Evan on
  • Or you could just bring back Wilford Brimley.

    tater262 on
  • The new packaging looks great. Maybe you could still do the occasional hand painted box and send it out to a lucky customer.

    tater262 on

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