Navy SEAL Foundation Video


Never posted this before, but it's an interview I did for the Navy SEAL Foundation, who helped me and my family out, a lot, after I had some set backs with injuries and stuff. Here it is. 

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  • I know how he feels. I was in for 17 years, and then I was medically retired. Basically they said we don’t need you any longer. My pay was cut by 2000 a month, but there was no one there to help out. I took what ever job I could, until I was no longer able to work. I was one bitter and pissed of individual. I started to drink more, and was generally a pain in the was to my wife. Luckily I figured it out on my own, thank God my wife forgave me. If you need help, talk to someone.

    David Jewett on
  • Awesome and inspiring video. Thanks for your service. Makes me proud to have done 30 years, even if not as a high speed operator,

    George LaPenta on
  • Freakin dope! Thanks for being a badass and inspiring me to be better.

    Jimmy on
  • Great vid and message. Glad you could take life’s curveballs and turn them into something positive and productive. Diggin’ the warrior ethos in all aspects of your life. – Semper

    Seth on
  • Great vid! Great to get a glimpse of your story. Shame we can’t bottle that mindset! Thank you! Continued success!

    Damien Chiappini on

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